Tight spans, Isbell completions and semi-tropical modules

Simon Willerton

In this paper we consider generalized metric spaces in the sense of Lawvere and the categorical Isbell completion construction. We show that this is an analogue of the tight span construction of classical metric spaces, and that the Isbell completion coincides with the directed tight span of Hirai and Koichi. The notions of categorical completion and cocompletion are related to the existence of semi-tropical module structure, and it is shown that the Isbell completion (hence the directed tight span) has two different semi-tropical module structures.

Keywords: Metric spaces, tropical algebra, injective hull

2010 MSC: Primary: 54E35 Secondary: 18D20, 16Y60

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 28, 2013, No. 22, pp 696-732.

Published 2013-08-22.


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