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1. Metric spaces, generalized logic and closed categories
F. W. Lawvere

2. Triples, algebras and cohomology
Jonathan Mock Beck

3. Abelian categories
Peter Freyd

4. Cauchy characterization of enriched categories
Ross Street

5. Functorial semantics of algebraic theories and
    Some algebraic problems in the context of functorial semantics of algebraic theories
F. W. Lawvere

6. Homotopy is not concrete
Peter Freyd

7. Categories and groupoids
P. J. Higgins

8. Taking categories seriously
F. William Lawvere

9. Categories of spaces may not be generalized spaces
    as exemplified by directed graphs
F. William Lawvere

10. Basic concepts of enriched category theory
G. M. Kelly

11. An elementary theory of the category of sets (long version) with commentary
F. William Lawvere

12. Toposes, triples and theories
Michael Barr and Charles Wells

13. On the operads of J.P. May
G.M. Kelly

14. Enriched categories and cohomology with author commentary
Ross Street

15. Diagonal arguments and cartesian closed categories with author commentary
F. William Lawvere

16. Adjointness in foundations, with author commentary
F. William Lawvere

17. Abstract and concrete categories: The joy of cats
Jiri Adamek, Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker

18. Seminar on Triples and Categorical Homology Theory
Edited by Beno Eckmann and Myles Tierney

19. 2-Catégories réductibles
Dominique Bourn et Jacques Penon

20. Enriched categories, internal categories and change of base
Dominic Verity

21. Modèles minimaux de Baues-Lemaire et Kadeishvili et homologie des fibrations
Alain Prouté

22. Category Theory for Computing Science
Michael Barr and Charles Wells

23. Non-abelian cohomology in a topos
John W. Duskin

24. Comments on the development of topos theory
F. William Lawvere

25. The bicategory of topoi and spectra
J. C. Cole

26. Closed bicategories and variable category theory
Renato Betti and Robert F.C. Walters

27. Toposes generated by codiscrete objects in combinatorial topology and functional analysis
F. William Lawvere

28. The topos of ball complexes
Michael Roy

29. Lattice Theoretic and Logical Aspects of Elementary Topoi
Christian Juul Mikkelsen

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